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 Builder laying bricks for new house

General Construction, Brickwork and Bricklaying

We're experts at bricklaying and general construction. Whether you need a new wall built or even repaired, J.A. Dale General Building Services are your go-to local builders in Tonbridge, Kent.

We can provide brickwork on new builds, chimney repairs, extensions, brickwork foundations and more. From freestanding walls to traditional and bespoke builds. We work with a team of professional laborers, including carpenters, to plan and build your construction project.

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Pointing and re-pointing

All homes will require maintenance at some point. Pollution, weathering and age will wear on the condition of the mortar or the cement between bricks, causing it to crumble away and creating structural issues to the building, as well as impacting the houses ability to retain heat and remain economical in the winter months.

As builders in Tonbridge, our pointing service is ideal for homeowners who want to restore their brickwork – and ensure that the integrity of your home remains solid and does not look unsightly due to wear and tear.

We will even check the hard to reach sections of your home, such as the eaves and chimneys.

J.A. Dale General Building Services will provide you with a long-lasting, professional pointing service.

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